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Immersive Learning 
Subscription-based interactive courses for training providers 

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"At last… training has been dragged kicking & screaming into the 21st century with this remarkable package that enables fleet drivers to experience the highways network from a vulnerable user viewpoint, while remaining in the safety & controlled learning environment of the classroom."

Dave Conway

Quality & Environmental Manager, FM Conway Ltd

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360 degree video

Phone-based VR headsets 

Eye tracked recordings

An interactive phone app for iPhone & Android

Drone footage

Safe Motorway 

A 7 hour interactive safe motorway driving course designed to improve driver awareness and highlight common misunderstandings


360-degree immersive experience; drivers use virtual reality (VR) headsets and experience POV eye tracking

Covers speed limits, hazard perception, navigating roadworks, joining and leaving the motorway, the impact of weather on high speed driving and continental driving 

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Safe Urban 

A 7 hour interactive safe urban driving course designed to help improve safety for drivers working in towns and cities alongside VRU (vulnerable road users)


360-degree immersive experience; drivers use virtual reality (VR) headsets, experience POV eye tracking and use an interactive app

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Driver traininSupercharged

7 hour DVSA-ready Driver CPC training modules designed for the classroom

Fully interactive, including VR 360 video with eye tracking, app quiz questions & more

Presentation material 

Training instructor notes 

Guides & instructions on how to use the courses 

Access to the anet360 learning management platform & smartphone app

Onboarding session

Tech support ​

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Not sure how many you need?

Our PAYG offers total convenience. No subscription. Cancel any time.

With 30 licenses it's a perfect way to test your market.



(£30 per licence)


Deliver training when you need it, as you need it. 
Subscribe to our Pro package and get 150 licenses to use with an annual subscription.

£3000 pa

(£20 per licence)



Got bigger plans?  
Our Max subscription gives you a whopping 600 licenses to use, as and when you need them, over the 12 period.

£8700 pa

(£14.50 per licence)

An option for everyone

Choose a subscription service to suit your business.

How many headsets? 

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When you choose your subscription, we can help you decide how many headsets you might need.


We supply you with the very latest in phone-based VR headsets.

Comfortable, reusable, effective. 

No need to spend hundreds.  

don't risk it

Your reputation is everything.

Deliver something different from everyone else.

Banish the graveyard shift forever. 

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